Thirtyfive Solutions

Working together to build the right solutions to human problems.

Consulting Services

Your own IT department, on call.

Planning and implementation of sustainable technology solutions in commercial and non-profit projects.

Public Health

Technology and support for engagement, advocacy, and education in public and clinical health settings.

Adult Education

Technology and support to roll out adult education initiatives using current best practices to manage change.

Anti-Oppressive Development

Yes, your technology project can be part of your anti-oppressive framework and further your EDI commitment.

Community Engagement

Support for community-based research and other methods of developing around community voices.

"You are great!"
A Client (not Pictured)
"That was singularly awesome. ... We could not have pulled that off without you. I don’t think we can properly thank you for your dedication, mind-blowing skills and the inconceivable time commitment—all with a smile and an unwavering adherence to collaboration and ethics."
A Third Client (not Pictured)
"Never leave."
Another Client (not Pictured)
"We were raving about how wonderful you were after the ... meeting earlier this week :)."
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